How your truck and van graphics can be as effective as TV advertising

19 OCT

How your truck and van graphics can be as effective as TV advertising

Television is thought of as being the most powerful form of advertising by many, but it is also a very expensive way to get your message across.

If you operate a commercial vehicle fleet, you will already know that your truck and van signs are seen. But how can you make them work harder, standing out from the crowd and reaching your target audience in large numbers?

By using your commercial vehicles and the versatile, changeable, reusable Spedian™ vehicle graphic system alongside Roadvert™’s unique Audience Predictor, this is guaranteed to achieve great results, in a cost-effective manner.

Commercial vehicles really can act as mobile billboards but ONLY if you can change your promotion easily and quickly with the minimum of downtime. The Spedian system allows you to do just that – what’s more, it is the most competitively-priced system of its kind available in today’s marketplace.

How many people will see your Spedian™ changeable vehicle graphics?

The following example is based on 10 vans belonging to a business in East Midlands:

  • More than 700,000 adults aged over 17 will see your message on average just under 3 times a week in daylight hours
  • That is equivalent to nearly one quarter of the population (24.5%)
  • If this example is applied to 20 vans, you could reach 39.4% of the population of East Midlands - just on weekdays!

Removable changeable commercial vehicle graphic vinyl alternative from Spedian™

With the Spedian System, you own the advertising graphic panels. This means that you can reuse them as often as you wish and self-install them too.

Don’t let your commercial vehicle signs blend into the background, especially given that the average time for a billboard not to be noticed by passers’ by is just four days.

Keep your promotional messages fresh and your promotions alive by fitting the Spedian System.

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