Shock news about food waste spread using Spedian™ panels on bin lorries

07 DEC

Shock news about food waste spread using Spedian™ panels on bin lorries

Shocking news about the amount of food wasted in Derby is being delivered to residents by a campaign on the sides of bin lorries.

Four of Derby City Council’s refuse trucks have been fitted with Spedian™ vehicle graphics that highlight the issue.

Beside a cartoon image of a wheelie bin runs the stark message: “A third of the rubbish in your black bin is food. Love food. Hate waste. Save money.”

A graphic running alongside shows that while people cannot avoid putting some food into their black bins, most food waste is preventable.

Shock news about food waste spread using Spedian™ panels on bin lorries

The high-profile campaign is designed to make people think ahead and avoid buying so much food that they cannot eat it all before the sell-by date.

Lawrence Craig, CEO and founder of Spedian™, said;

“People love to know when they can save money so a campaign like this will make them think twice. Everyone sees bin lorries out and about on collection rounds - running campaigns on refuse trucks is a cost-effective way to reach a lot of people.

“Lots of councils are turning to Spedian™ graphics panels because they are easy to change, don’t damage vehicles and are easy to clean.

“Campaigns remain bright and impactful whatever the weather and can be changed regularly.”

Why local authorities choose Spedian™ graphics as their first choice for RCV campaigns

Simon Aitken, Head of Street Cleansing, Waste and Fleet Management, Derby City Council, said;

“The team from Spedian was very easy to work with. They came to our workplace to discuss exactly what we needed and were very proactive when it came to getting the artwork onto our vehicles. We are happy with the end result and will gladly use Spedian again for future campaigns.”

Spedian™ vehicle graphics systems take less than one hour to install or uninstall and, because they do not require nuts, bolts, screws or rails, they do not damage the vehicle when removed.

Campaign panels can be rolled up and stored for later use, making the system ideal for Christmas and other seasonal campaigns. Long-running campaigns can be freshened up with new images to maximise their impact.

To find out more about the Spedian™ system, call 0141 616 2644 or click here to make an enquiry or to arrange for a bespoke quotation, tailor-made for your business or local authority.