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07 DEC

Shock news about food waste spread using Spedian™ panels on bin lorries

Shock news about food waste spread using Spedian™ panels on bin lorries

Shocking news about the amount of food wasted in Derby is being delivered to residents by a campaign on the sides of bin lorries.

Four of Derby City Council’s refuse trucks have been fitted with Spedian™ vehicle graphics that highlight the issue.

Beside a cartoon image of a wheelie bin runs the stark message: “A third of the rubbish in your black bin is food. Love food. Hate waste. Save money.”

A graphic running alongside shows that while people cannot avoid putting some food into their black bins, most food waste is preventable…

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15 NOV

Van and truck graphic seasonal advertising solutions from Spedian™ & Roadvert™

Do you, like many SMEs, larger organisations and local authorities, have a fleet of trucks with graphics that don’t allow for change?

What if you were offered an extremely cost-effective van and truck graphic system that allowed you to change your promotions and company messages whenever you wanted to, and reuse the signs at a later date?

Look no further – the patented Spedian System™ has created this very product to make your company messages work harder than they ever have before.

Now, you can use your trucks like mobile billboards with professional, fade-resistant signs that stand up to extreme weather conditions and rigorous washing – ideal for RCVs...

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24 OCT

People prompted to have their say by campaign on bin lorries using Spedian™ panels

People living and working in South Northamptonshire have been urged to join in a key public consultation – by messages displayed on bin lorries.

Refuse trucks were used for three weeks in a short campaign to prompt people to comment on proposals to reorganise local government county-wide.

The campaign message was paraded around in front of almost every home in the South Northamptonshire Council area during normal bin collection rounds. The bin lorry poster campaign was easy to organise because four had already been fitted with Spedian™ quick change vehicle graphics…

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21 AUG

Why Spedian™ is the Next Generation in Truck Graphics

Why Spedian™ is the Next Generation in Truck Graphics

There are many corporations and local authorities already realising the benefits of using the Spedian™ system for their fleet vehicles. The Spedian™ System really is the next generation in truck graphics; it is cost-effective to change promotions as well as lightweight and simple to install, keeping downtime to a minimum…

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29 JUN

Food (waste), Glorious Food (waste)

Perfect for recurring short-term campaigns, Spedian HD panels are of the highest quality and can be changed with ease and stored for reusing when required.

With 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink being thrown away each year, our latest creative aims to use your vehicles for encouraging food waste recycling within your local authority. Limited graphic resources? No worries, we can rework the design to suit your vehicles.

Utilise your fleet of refuse and recycling vehicles and vans to excel your food waste recycling targets...

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