Generate income from your vehicles with Roadvert Media and Spedian Graphics

The Spedian System™ is the most advanced vehicle graphic system in the world. The graphics stay as clean as your vehicles and are brighter than mesh alternatives – they are also great value for money. The graphics can be installed onto vans and refuse collection vehicles; it depends on your message to the community or your intention to create a revenue asset.

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Common questions about Spedian

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    What is Spedian™?

    Spedian™ is the world’s lightest and most versatile truck frame system. It is currently being used by major global companies as well as small and medium sized businesses and Local Authorities throughout the UK and North America.


    Is it better that the alloy and plastic frame systems?

    Yes. It is much lighter and graphics are larger because you do not have an unsightly frame. When the alloy frames are damaged, the replacement time, cost and inconvenience caused can interrupt the functionality of the vehicle.


    Does Spedian™ require a lot of maintenance?

    The Spedian System™ is totally maintenance free, unlike visible plastic and metal frames!


    Can you see the frame?

    No. Because the system works on a male/female basis the reverse of the banner has the male system applied to it. This ensures that there is no unsightly frame visible.


    How does Spedian work?

    The patented system ensures that the graphic banners remain on the vehicle. Spedian has passed all safety tests at MIRA where it has been tested over the last twelve years.


    Does the system need re-tensioning?

    No. Unlike frame systems that are affected by wind drag and eventually wrinkle, Spedian™ needs no further tensioning after installation.


    How flexible is Spedian™?

    Spedian™ will fit most vehicles. It will even fit the aerodynamic vehicle curves on the new eco trailers and vans. Spedian has even been used on rail freight containers.


    Does Spedian™ bend and twist?

    Absolutely not. Unlike ridged frame systems, the Spedian system will confirm to the natural twisting and movement of the vehicle body.


    How light is Spedian™?

    Spedian™ is the lightest system in the world. An alloy frame system can weigh over 80kgs whereas Spedian weighs under 2kgs for an equivalent  size vehicle.


    Does the Spedian System™ affect fuel consumption?

    No. The unique Spedian System sits close to the vehicle side through a ‘vacuum’ effect based on high and low pressure caused by airflow.

What our Clients Think

  • Spedian’s pro-active approach really helped us to deliver a major service change on schedule. They managed our new waste collection vehicle banners from receipt of graphics to installation directly with the vehicle manufacturers, allowing us to focus on the rollout of wheeled bins across the district, in preparation for our new contract. We are really pleased with the quality of the banners and the contribution that they have made to our wider communications campaign.

    South Staffordshire Council
    Daniel Roberts, Waste Management Officer
  • We are delighted our new Spedian HD panels! We decided to change from our incumbent system to Spedian. The Spedian HD panels are bigger and brighter than we had before. This gets our message over to our community more effectively and they stay as clean as our vehicles. Spedian were excellent to work with, the expertise and experience they have turned a logistical nightmare into a very smooth process!

    London Borough of Croydon
    Andy Martin
  • Not only did we make significant savings, the Spedian HD panels are of the highest quality!

    East Renfrewshire Council
    Erica Kemmet, Senior Environment Officer