Local Authorities

Only with Spedian changeable graphics can you discover your vehicle's audience!

Our changeable graphic systems are the most advanced in the world.

There are currently three products in the Spedian™ changeable graphic range. Spedian™, SuperLite™ and SpediFlex™ .

Spedian™ is the original system developed for rigid sided vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, recycling vehicles, cages and buses.

SuperLite™ is the unique changeable systemfor the window recess panels of vans.

SpediFlex™ is the unique system for ‘up and over’ rear slatted doors of vans and articulated trailers.

We do not use mesh, so Spedian colours last much longer and are much easier to clean. There are Councils that clean their vehicles every day, and the ad banners look as good as new.

When you decommission any Spedian system , your vehicles can be returned with a zero ‘fair wear and tear’ payment.

The Spedian campaign banners are now on over 2300 Local Authority vehicles and we are being specified more frequently as the benefits of our systems become widely known.

We have developed primarily for the UK’s Local Authorities, software that can predict the audience of their vehicles. This powerful tool can help generate much needed revenue.

Every Local Authority is identified and you can assess the value of your fleet of vans, refuse vehicles, recycling vehicles, buses and articulated trailers easily by logging in and it is FREE!

The software works on ‘big data’ Government sources and can predict the reach and impact of your ‘Rolling Billboard’ message. This prediction, broken down by age and time, can be compared in real time when our software is integrated to your vehicles tracking system. This gives the Council invaluable data that can be used for a multiple of purposes apart from marketing.

Our latest technological advance is our integration of a beacon into the Spedian frame. iRoadvert broadcasts contextually relevant messages to the consumers smart device. As the technology of these smart devices, mobile phones and tablets, advances this method of communication will become increasingly more valuable as it is low cost and ‘rifle shot’ marketing known as proximity marketing.

When iRoadvert is linked to Roadvert Media softaware of a tracked vehicle the beacon broadcasts can be changed by time and location. This is a very powerful marketing tool within the Spedian framework.

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