Marketing professionals take notice!

If you are a brand manager, marketing director or advertising executive for a manufacturer of consumer goods with your own fleet - then SpediFlex is for you.

SpediFlex is our rear door solution for ‘up and over’ rear doors. This can be installed in 15 minutes and changed in 10 minutes. The rear of a vehicle is a very powerful marketing platform.

Your goods are being shipped all over the U.K. By your rolling billboards and the consumer is blissfully unaware because you ignore the power of your trucks as a supporting media. The dwell time is 18.6 seconds from a distance of 100 yards.

SpediFlex can be installed in only 15 minutes!, changed in 10 by your own trained staff.. the panels can also be reused.

When you fit SpediFlex you get the added value of two unique pieces of technology. Roadvert Media audience predictor and iRoadvert beacon.

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