Frequently Asked Questions about Spedian


    What is the Spedian™system range?

    There are currently three products in the Spedian™ changeable graphic range. Spedian™, SuperLite™ and SpediFlex™. Spedian™ is the original system developed for rigid sided vehicles. SuperLite™ is the unique changeable system for the recess panels of vans. SpediFlex™ is the unique system for ‘up and over’ rear slatted doors of vans and articulated trailers

    Only Spedian™ systems can predict the audience that will see your vehicle and can broadcast contextually relevant messages using our unique software Roadvert Media and iRoadvert.


    What is Spedian™?

    Spedian™ is the only changeable vehicle graphics system in the world with no visible frame. It is also the lightest. It is currently being used by major global companies as well as small and medium sized businesses and Local Authorities throughout the UK and North America.


    Is it better that the alloy and plastic frame systems?

    Yes. It is much lighter and graphics are larger because you do not have an unsightly frame. When the alloy frames are damaged, the replacement time, cost and inconvenience caused can interrupt the functionality of the vehicle.


    Does Spedian™ require a lot of maintenance?

    The Spedian System™ is totally maintenance free, unlike visible plastic and metal frames!


    Can you see the frame?

    No. the system works on a male, SpediGrip, to female, SpediLoop, basis with the male being on the vehicle perimeter and the female on the banner perimeter. The SpediGrip can be supplied to match your vehicles corporate colours.


    How does Spedian work?

    Simply. We developed the Spedian  Exhaust System™ which works on a high pressure /low pressure principal. Once the advertising  banners are installed they are maintenance free having been tensioned at the time of installation. The installation time is short, maximum of two hours for a thirteen metre artic and you can drive away immediately after installation. In the UK we have tested the Spedian™  System products at the Motor Industry Research facility (MIRA)at Nuneaton and the Transportation Research Center (TRC) at Columbus Ohio in the USA.


    Does the system need re-tensioning?

    No. Unlike frame systems that are affected by wind drag and eventually wrinkle, Spedian™ needs no further tensioning after installation.


    How flexible is Spedian™?

    The Spedian™ Systems are designed to fit most vehicles. Spedian™ is used on rigid sided vehicles of all sizes by major brands and over 100 local authorities and waste management companies in the UK the graphic advertising banners are changeable and are frequently reused. SpediLite  ™is the only changeable graphic system for the window recess panels for vans and is being used by many Local Authorities. SpediFlex™ is the Spedian™  solution for rear doors. It has been developed and safety tested for ‘up and over’ slatted rear doors. SpediFlex™ cuts down installation time to ten minutes and makes this vital space on a vehicle available for changeable marketing and advertising messages.


    Does Spedian™ bend and twist?

    Unlike ridgid frame systems, the Spedian system will confirm to the natural twisting and movement of the vehicle body.


    How light is Spedian™?

    Spedian™ is the lightest system in the world. An alloy frame system can weigh over 80kgs whereas Spedian weighs under 500 grams for an equivalent  size vehicle.


    Does the Spedian System™ affect fuel consumption?

    No. The unique Spedian System sits close to the vehicle side through a ‘vacuum’ effect based on high and low pressure caused by airflow and the Spedian Exhaust System™

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