Make money - Roadvert Media and iRoadvert- now you’re talking.

Make money - Roadvert Media and iRoadvert- now you’re talking.

Spedian has created a platform from which your message can work harder than ever before.

The Spedian team has developed Roadvert Media, a unique piece of software that can predict how many people will see your ads on the sides of any vehicle. We use data in real time from trusted sources. When you search your council, and EVERY council is covered, audience and traffic data is pulled out in real time and populated to that particular council.

Roadvert then works out how many vehicles are required to reach the target audience, the impacts and the value plus much more. Login now to and see how much yor fleet could be making your council.

We have now incorporated into our frame a beacon, iRoadvert, which will broadcast your messages to consumer smart units. These messages can be broadcast by time and location to be consumer specific. It can be contextually relevant to the vehicle message or supplementary like offering a discount.

And the great advantage is when your advertiser uses the Spedian System they can change and reuse their message - FAST

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