Spedian™ | helping local authorities spread the word about fly-tipping

24 JUN

Spedian™ | helping local authorities spread the word about fly-tipping

Did you know that fly-tipping has been reported over one million times in the last couple of years alone?

Every year – in fact, every day – piles of rubbish are dumped throughout the UK by thoughtless parties who pay no heed to the environment or the cost incurred to local authorities tasked with the responsibility of clearing up the mess that this act causes.

Fly-tipping is not only costly, it is also a time consuming and inconvenient matter for conscientious individuals and businesses who report these incidents to their local councils.

What is fly-tipping and how can choosing the Spedian™ system help this epidemic?

Fly-tipping is technically defined as being an ‘illegal deposit of any waste on to land that does not have a licence to accept it’, according to Keep Britain Tidy.

Local authorities choose Spedian™ to help spread the message to communities about this crime by using their fleet vehicles. The Royal Borough of Greenwich, for example, emblazoned waste collection trucks with an eye-catching campaign designed to highlight the gravity of the issue using the slogan ‘Fly Tipping is a Crime – Report it!’

Spedian™ is not just ideal for local authorities, it is a great medium for any organisation or company that wants to make sure that their campaigns have a wide reach, targeting the right audience.

Spedian™ commercial vehicle signs are:

  • Installed and quickly and easily
  • Ideal to be stored for use at a later date – ideal for seasonal campaigns!
  • Able to be changed at will with the minimum of downtime
  • Easy to remove, leaving no damage to vehicles
  • Recyclable!

Find out more about how Spedian™ can help YOUR local authority or organisation make the most of your vehicle fleet advertising by clicking here or call 0141 616 2644 today.